Slip and fall accident

Did you know that you could claim for your injuries if you slipped and fall when it was not your fault and due to someone else’s negligence? As attorney’s we understand that slip and fall injuries can be painful and a lot of times make you suffer for a long duration.

You suffer not only financially but emotionally as well.  Apart from the financial loss that you have to bear due to the costly medical treatment, you may not even fully recover from your injury in the long run. Was there a water or residue spillage which was not cleaned caused your injury? Was there an absence of spillage sign, which did not provide you notice to be careful of the spillage? Was there carelessness of an employee or premise owner who did not clean the spillage, after they were told about it, caused the injury? If so, then what are your options if injury has been caused to you by negligence of a premise owner?

You can claim compensation for your injury from the premise owner. Every residential and commercial property owner in Florida has to uphold certain safety standards on their premises. If any visitor or person gets hurt due to a slip and fall because of their negligence, they’re liable to pay under the premises liability claim. Our attorneys’ RPatel Law can help you get justice for your slip and fall injuries. 

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